Saturday, July 4, 2009

SWAGGA is dry NOW!!!! its TIC TAC from now on

Yo people... this is just an announcement to say the word "SWAGGA" is gettin on my nerves now... People say it Toooooooooo much, and den wen u see how they dress u just wanna laugh! LOL!!!!! Serious!
I was out @ a rave and i see a T-shirt that said " NO ONE HAS SWAGGA LIKE ME" but his kicks wer lean off , NO TRIM.... and baggy jeans!!! this shit is gettin ridiculous! Tramps are using the word daily!!! So ive retired from the word SWAGGA and now im startin my own shit called
Tic-Tac FRESH! this is beyond SWAGGA!!! way better than SWAGGA!!! SWAGGA IS SWAG.... so from now on!!! GET UR TIC-TAC ONNNN!!!!!


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